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The Answer May Surprise You!

With the right products, restoration can be achieved with a permanent result. The product line manufactured by California based Smith & Co. allows deteriorated or rotted wood to be restored to its original appearance. 

Initially designed for the Marine industry, the products are now applied to log home, decks, furniture, and much more. 


The foundation of all our restoration products is CPES™. It penetrates to halt rot by encapsulating it. Destroyed wood is replaced with a highly flexible wood based epoxy. Because this resin system is derived from natural wood resin it develops a chemical adhesive bond to the wood fibres themselves.

MultiWoodPrime™ is the identical product to CPES™. 

The name MultiWoodPrime means what it says:  it performs the multiple functions of promoting topcoat adhesion, neutralizing wood acidity, sealing surface porosity, impregnating sub-surface porosity, blocking tannin bleed, resisting coating failure, and toughening up a soft surface so it can be lightly sanded.

60% of customers use CPES™ as a primer.

The perfect follow-up to CPES™ or our Layup and Laminating epoxy resin. It functions as a filler and an incredibly strong bonding agent. Fill-It™ Epoxy Filler is a two part epoxy resin made from natural wood resins. It is the preferred product in the restoration of wood which has been subject to dry-rot cavities or mechanical damage.

Layup and Laminating Epoxy Resin is the most appropriate product for gluing large areas such as laminating sheets of plywood, or in "stitch-and-glue" boat constructions. It is specifically designed for ease of use in resin/fibreglass composite construction. It is ideally suited for glass layup on glass/polyester hulls where blister repair requires additional glass layup.

This is a moderately thin and convenient 1:1 mix of resin/catalyst obtained from natural wood products. It bonds better to wood and is tougher and more flexible than any other epoxy resin. This product should be used as a follow-up to CPES. It will form the tightest bond you can get.  When mixed with very fine sawdust it makes a paste that can be smoothed into cracks and cavities. This is the only solution to long term restoration.

Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent

A single component epoxy solvent which cleans up uncured CPES™, Fill-It™ Epoxy Filler, (L&L), Tropical and All Wood Glues. Will also clean brushes, rollers, sprayers and tools. Use it to remove epoxy resins from the surface of wood, concrete and terrazzo if you prefer the natural look. It is better than acetone since it leaves no residue on the surface and evaporation is slower.

Safety Application Bottle

This 500ml container comes in handy when mixing and applying the CPES™. Clean it with Epoxy Clean-Up Solvent and reuse next time.

What our customers are saying

I have used Smith's epoxy products (both sealer and fillers) with perfectly satisfactory results, when restoring moderate to severe rot and deterioration of hewn-log home in eastern Ontario. While the products are not exactly inexpensive, it's just a chicken feed comparing to what replacing logs would cost. I have been given nothing but excellent service by Coastal Epoxy Restoration on multiple occasions, and would use them again any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Dariusz O., Quebec